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Old All Saints

This is a beautiful church, built in the Georgian style in the late 1780s by John Wharton of Skelton Castle. Inside, it still has almost all of its original fittings: the canopied, three-tier pulpit; the box pews with locks on … Continue reading

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All Saints Parish Church

This image dates from September 2004. Note the intense building activity behind the church. The taking point is one that often features in old postcards of the church. Top

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Skelton Castle

This is probably the most frequently seen postcard of the Castle to come up on eBay. It is often described as “the foxhound postcard” for obvious reasons. Peter Appleton Top

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Earliest photo of Skelton?

This old photo may well be one of the first taken of the village. It is certainly the earliest photo that I’m aware of. It was probably taken between 1874 and 1877. How can I be so sure? The Wharton … Continue reading

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Welcome to the blog

This is the part of the website where our blog lives. We especially welcome old images of the villages, stories about the old days, traditions, folklore, etc. Top

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