The Fallen of World War 1

As part of the group’s commemoration of the Great War, our members have undertaken detailed research into the casualties who are commemorated on the various memorials in Skelton, New Skelton, North Skelton, Skelton Green and Brotton. Links to searchable summary files in PDF format are given below. If you have interest in specific men, please use the Contact page to ask your question of us. We cannot guarantee to know all the answers, but what we know we will pass on to you. Conversely, if you have knowledge of and material relevant to any of the men, especially if it corrects errors, we’d like to hear from you.

Memorials in the four Skelton villages

Surnames (A-I)    Surnames (J-Z)

Lest We Forget – a book of biographical details of the fallen

Brotton Parish Church Memorial Plaque

A Roll of Honour plaque can be found on one of the pillars on the south side, as you approach the chancel. Summary information for the men listed thereon can be found using the link below.

Brotton Parish Church Memorial Plaque

Brotton Working Men’s Club

Within Brotton Working Men’s Club there is a large Roll of Honour board. This lists all the members who served during the Great War. In the centre is a separate “In Memoriam” panel which lists those who lost their lives. Summary information for the men listed in the “In Memoriam” panel can be found here.

Brotton Working Men’s Club “In Memoriam”

Bolckow & Vaughan Rolls of Honour

A Roll of Honour prepared by Bolckow & Vaughan, a large local company employing many hundreds of workers in their iron works and ironstone mines, is, at the date of writing (9th September 2015), on display at Kirkleatham Museum. The entries relevant to the Skelton area are given below.

North Skelton Ironstone Mine     South Skelton Ironstone Mine

All the above PDFs can be searched using Edit > Find (Ctrl+F) when viewing them in Adobe Reader.

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